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Colors of my Journey

yesterday one of you wrote “¡Esteroides, esteroides, esteroides!”: el invicto Floyd Mayweather afirma que ‘Canelo’ Álvarez podría “no haber estado limpio en muchos combates” – RT sostenon 250 para que sirve un ciclista da positivo por esteroides… a sus 90 años me : as long as you keep walking, you can see the way.

life goes on, with us all. we meet each other, we try to live. together. on earth. .

tomorrow is another. tomorrow i will be 40.

love for you all

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2 comment(s)

  • Have just been viewing this charming vid of yours on youtube. sleepless night! waiting for my beloved sister: tomorrow for a happy 60th Bday! joyful Bday in the wholiness, mai! 1000 tx for your inspiring blog.

    • sea&love, i discover all your comments today! thank you so much! i hope this blog can bring you joy and thoughts! see ya!

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