Filippo Sorcinelli

Nose to Nose #1

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Hi hi hi everyone, i am so proud to share my latest video, featuring someone we already know and appreciate here : Filippo Sorcinelli. We are preparing another edit, derived from the same shooting but with a totally different perspective. i feel quite passionate about this artist! 

i am feel all the more excited that this video is the begining of a collaboration with my friend Nicolas Cloutier for Nose. nose to nose, is a new type of Edito for his website and magazine and i am so happy i chose me to do it. so the idea is to make a world tour of fragrance or beauty maker, in french we say “in their jus” which means in the authenticity of their creation. 

Filippo is both a character and a person who are quite rare. i have followed him like his shadow during 3 beautiful days. his black silhouette walking in the ancestral colorful Italy of his. With this very specific atmosphere where everybody both celebrates tradition and creativity.


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