Spirit Horse

By Shivam O'Brien

ohlala, it is the first time, except for my upcoming long movie, the Rivers (I’ll come back on that later), that i get confronted to such a complexe edit; i wanted to make cross portraits of Shivam and the people of Spirit Horse who have nurtured me so profoundly during this small eternity amongst them. to be honest, I’ve itw and met Shivam juste after my collapse, for those who remember and did not remember he has said such mesmerizing things. for this video, I also wanted to mix both nature and this wild culture, children who are learning through experimenting and elders “with tears in their eyes”, bodys and spirits, contemplation and transe, silence and music, fluidity and chaos, this kind of wisdom that’s on the edge of craziness. thank you to my talented Thomas Monnet for such great piece of work.

it is quite questioning to hear someone talk so freely about the male-female relationship, and to describe it as creative, not only confrontational, and I hope this will be food for thoughts for all of us. more globally, I find it beautiful to see people who dedicate their lives to their convictions, when they are born into but find themselves so far from our western culture, based on capitalism and patriarchy. hey yeah, what would you do if you had to create a new culture? I find it beautiful too, to get confronted to people who have made other choices than ours (if we can talk about real choices). and if we begin by telling ourselves “this is me because” then maybe we could listen to others, and even understand what other voices have to say. beyond our differences. this is just sacred.

i hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and wait for your com with great impatience. I also hope this long video will make its own journey among your different tribes, for a while. do not hesitate to share and debate. I need your help for that!

thousands of thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to you, Shivam. and long life to Spirit Horse!

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