le Céleste du Terrestre

Poétique Shamanique

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As soon as i entered the gallery, the exhibition sent me back to our nepalese hill. so many things have we lived there and ever since.

these diamond shapes, stretched and suspended, between the sky and the earth, reminded me of totemic coats of arms, doors, tarot cards, or enven the pupil of a snake eye… it is the first time i discover Truc-Anh in a more symbolistic expression. oscillating between enigmas and offerings, wisdom and craziness, sophistication and nudity (yes again).

our quests are long never-ending journeys, and sometimes yeah… it is so beautiful!

at the occasion of “un dimanche à la galerie” this sunday 24th, Truc-Anh will present a perfomance-story, together with someone you know…. Jerry Hyde, who has created and organized all this initiatory trip to Nepal. i will do the translation live so that everybody can understand! it begins at 4PM at galerie Sator. Come!

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