Meetings With Remarkable Men

a film by Jerry Hyde & Mai Hua

Jerry and I are profoundly moved and happy to share with you the trailer of our first movie together. This movie is born from a mutual desire to create a new culture around gender and masculinity. We had so much pleasure, difficulties and emotions dealing with our favorite or unknown themes : relationship to war, mental health, truth, tenderness…

I come from a very feminine side, questing about women, feminine energy and lineage, notably in my movie The Rivers, and it was a very challenging step to be journeying in a men’w world. i have grown up so much!

my main finding is we can’t change the world, and make it more compassionate, safer, truer, without questioning the gender and male culture. if it is true we, humans, are « cultured animals », then we can’t just keep assuming men are « naturally » dominant beings or potential rapist. this is gross sexism, isn’t it?! nor should we claim that we are all « humans » anyway and that gender does not exist or matter. such assumption is so limiting and even toxic because the way many people identify today is gendered.

that is why we legitimately encourage women born in a male body to change their biological sexe : their human experience is highly linked to their possibility to express into their gender; that is also why we need to have more women speaking and in leading places, because we, women, need to identify to women in these kind of positions. so, it is the same for men, we must celebrate men who show honesty, love and tenderness, in their naked truth for other men to identify likewise. to help change the male culture is not necessarily  about making it different or opposed to female culture or lgbt culture. it is about creating a human experience to which man can identity to.


We are also proud to announce Meetings with Remarkable Men will be shown in NYC, on July 1rst, at the very beautiful venue NeueHouse, Madison Square. We are honoured that oscar nominee and acclaimed author Sebastian Junger and playwright Barbara Hammond will participate with us in a Q&A, moderated by Melissa Unger, founder of Seymour. We will talk gender, masculinity, mental health, cultural shift and humanity together.

I feel humbled and so alive (jerry does not but whatev’).




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