Saran Koly

the Art of Joy

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Saran, Saran, Saran,

what a woman!

I full so grateful for the love and trust she has given me, for the love and trust she is giving us. By opening her heart, she allows us to open ours. By sharing her ordeal, transformed by her courage, she inspires me so much strength.

Saran reminds me of the book the Art of Joy, by Nicolas Go. the book is not translated in French, so do not hesitate to read my post (again) about it. the philosopher Go explains us that Joy is born from an inner inexhaustible source.  It is different from happiness taht requires outer conditions to exist, and then disappear. Joy is then an act of resistance. If we cry in dark times, then we lose twice : because of the dark time itself, but also because if may lose our access to joy.


Shall we always remember Saran! May her testimonial bring some healing for those who need it.


love love love

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