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Hi everybody,

Today I would like to talk with you about a difficult topic: miscarriage. This video isn’t for everyone. Or rather it is, especially for men for whom it’s very difficult to understand what’s going on with us. And how I understand them: because it’s complex even for us! So it’s for each of us, but not at some random moment in time. At the office, for example, some of us couldn’t simply watch it. So each of us sees what it’s good for him.her, ok ?!

In any case, know that this post exists and is here only to help.

This time I asked Vanessa to write few words to explain how we came to « this». I  deeply thanx her for her trust. in me as in you.

Thousand kisses

“A Beautiful encounter
A mutual friend celebrates his birthday in a restaurant.
2 tables are reserved.
She is on the opposite one.
She finally sits down to mine,
next to me
A cocktail
She drinks a cocktail
“What’s this???”
“that’s good I don’t drink either any more alcohol: I’m pregnant”
This is how our story goes!
She was, one of the first to whom I announce my pregnancy!
We live in the same area.
Look! Our sons are in the same school.
She walkable the way home, alone.
I go with her.
We discuss, we quit.
I bump  into her the day after on the sidewalk in front of the school:
“Have a nice day!”
“You too”
Facebook / Instagram
We exchange :
Her wonderful blog / my Website

Weeks go by and I bump again into her on the sidewalk in front of the school (Ma First exit)

Solar soothing smiling, a beautiful yellow hat on her head.
An obvious fact
That’s it
With her
I need to share
To tell
With her
A video
This was so clear to me
Soothing evident
I tell her
Just like this on the sidewalk
Entrusting her my pain the disappointment the sadness
She embraces me, comforts me.
It’s when I saw her
The first day I get out that everything becomes obviously clear
With her
I want to leave a trace
Brutal surprising complete The subject is so private
I trust
I already love to talk with her
To tell her
To read to her explain to her
Should share desecrate
For Me it isn’t lewd but for other women … if no one tells confesses dare
Each of us can keep her pain, her guilt, her distress apart!
Well it’s decided
I impose it
I must do it
With her
Her kindess
Her respect
Her listening
Her look
I chose her:

My demand: Thursday morning in front of the school
Our video: filmed the following Monday afternoon “

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