Nature’s Symphony

on Nagarkot Hill

hello everyone,
i wanted to share a new video with you but the sadness caused by manchester events together with my absence (i was working in italy) made me change my mind. so today, friday, and long holiday in france, i would just like to share with you a recording i did on my nepalese hill. it is 19-min symphony of nature at dawn. the one that would wake me up to celebrate the sun’s arrival.
the other day i was talking to melissa, we were at her office preparing a new workshop and i asked her “oh are you listening to?! – the sound of the earth”
oh well really?!! so actually on youtube you can find recording of the earth sound and now, also, a recording of the hill at dawn. i listen to it back here, here and there. for meditation too. so, maybe you will like too.


Nature’s Symphony on Nagarkot Hill – clik on the link, right clik then save as, then save, then swipe it in your cellphone, mp3 player… .

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