Saran Koly

Color-Full "Fields"

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to be “Toucouleurs”, to bring out all these messages and projects “from oneself”, from the deepest of oneself, is such a great gift that you offer to the world. I was amazed by Saran and our encounter, by this “complete” being who will come back soon to the blog to talk about something else.

Honesty is definitely something that touches me deeply. I think it was Géraldine who first upset me by her honesty (it was during personal conversations, not here), then Jerry, Vanessa etc… And we should all have these honest conversations with ourselves . Saran also reminds me of Mem, the Mad Sufi (do you remember?) Who said to us: “the mind is wonderful but can comprehend so many possibilities, while the heart, fiiiiiit, knows its direction, it ” knows “.” and I think that it is this kind of honesty that Saran speaks about, that of the heart, yes:


What do you hear about yourself when you stop the sound of your thoughts ?!


love to you all!

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