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I am very touched to introduce you to Fatima for this new edition of OUT OF THE BOX.  I met her on a shooting for Kerastase last November, and quite frankly she shattered me emotionally but also intellectually.  I was watching her evolve, cruising in this co-op that she and her husband dreamed and built, talking and laughing with “his” women.  Wahou!

1. Fatima showed me that I was wrong.

I remembered the story of the veil twenty years ago.  As I was against it.  As I was a bit stupid as well.  Sorry to bust down doors that seem to be open by now and it’s not the first time that I film and feature a veiled women, but one can be covered and way more a feminist then another so called liberated women in tight revealing clothes.

Sometimes we are sincere, but we make up unfounded ideas, because what we are sometimes missing is the consciousness of things.  The conversation, the meeting that opens up new horizons.  I like being proven wrong, it helps to move forward.

2. There is a difference between Success and Accomplishment.

And this meeting was also beautiful because I was filming a group of incredible bloggers, super hype, super gorgeous, super successful.  They were successful, but something else seemed to be gathering us at that very moment… maybe the accomplishment of this covered women and all these women so humble, so happy. Not to minimize the importance of the first ones, you can have both, and it was quite obvious, Jamie, Yoshiko, Marie Laure and Samantha have been chosen because they have achieved both success and accomplishment, pushing there personal quest, singularities and desires forward. It was very beautiful, we were all so emotional sharing bred and tea together. So there you have it, it made me think about this duality success/accomplishment. One can go with the other but viewed from this angle, accomplishment seemed to be a much larger goal.  Because it’s build upon foundations which are mine and not foreign to me.  Success comes from an outside validation, that is oftenly measurable (body measurements, diplomas, money, followers, likes etc…) , Accomplishment from a desire to fullfil your own dreams.

3.The value of work is based upon the value given to the human achieving it.

I was watching these women sort out nuts then break them by hand. Aww not really the dream of a western woman.  And at the same time I was watching them laugh together and being filled with gratefulness toward Fatima.  And it made me think about our relation to work which is often confined to the accomplishment of tasks (it reminds me that when I was in business school there was this obsession of the ”INTERESTING” job). It means nothing… the value of a job should be first and foremost the opportunity to value the human.

4. Feminism is not just women’s business.

Lately (and it won’t stop here), we taked a lot about feminism and women’s right.  I am 100% for it.  But I would also like that we consider this idea that feminism is a society project (mixing women, men and children)(we’ll soon be talking about a spanking law!?) more global than just equality between men and women.  And it touched me that Fatima’s father and her husband are supporting her and are fighting for her ideas. Feminism can move forward only if our guys are made aware of “our”, “this” fight.

During lunch I watch Fatima (again) and tell her:

“- What is your husband role here?

– He’s the manager (in her inimitable accent)

– What about you then?

– Well, me I am the President!”


Infinite thanks to Fatima to show us the way.  Thank you also to  Kerastase who trusted me on this very long and ambitious project (go see my video for them).  And without too much promotion, I would like to tell you that the organic Argan oil made by Fatima’s co-op is one of the principal ingredient of their new natural care line Aura Botanica, and the products are absolutely nuts (I can’t live without the shampoo/care duo)(and we consumers all have responsibilities)(and can drive and change things because marketers are driven by OUR desire).

I hope you will like this new OUT OF THE BOX, that it will make you think, sway. I await your reactions anxiously.  And if you like don’t hesitate to share, talk about it with your family, your friends, your kids, your men, etc.

thoushand of kisses!

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