Remember Brené

Some vulnerability

Huge slap in the face!!!  Huge!  The other day, Jerry tells me “come I need to show you something!” so I sat in the front of this video and I am totally absorbed by what I see and hear, it’s talking to me in a big way!  THANK YOU!  Jerry said the same to Grayson at the time, who by the way talks about it in his book, and in the video we did together:  Vulnerability has immense power!

I would like you to tell me what you are thinking about it because I find this video so enlightening!  What is vulnerability for you?  Are you practicing it?

Tell me and on Friday I’ll talk to you about his book… incredible!  Because I just didn’t stop with it and moved to his other book:  How Daring Vulnerability will change the way you Live, Love, Lead and Parent (links in French).

To be continued.

Until then tell me all and don’t hesitate to share this world changing video!

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