Welcome Boredom

my Vision Quest (3/5)

Jerry had gathered letters from my friends, that i could read everyday on the hill. thoughts, reflections to lead, statements, love. and my friend Nicolas Cloutier prepared for me one sample of fragrance to discover everyday. there was one from Filippo Sorcinelli, Ennui Noir (Dark Boredom). he explains that boredom is essential to creation, to transform darkness into light, to make one’s own truth emerge.

and it is true, that “being able” to get bored, given the society we are living in, is an essential exploration. “aham, i’ve been bored, for 10 min… 15min, 33 min… hum… and it is going to last 4 more days and 4 more nights.”



We were invited not only to live our boredom, not to avoid it, but also to get through it. more importantly, boredom inspired by… yourself. because when you are on your own, your thoughts get so boring. i mean it. and what a rich experience. “am I really thinking about this AGAIN?! pfffff” be bored of yourself. what a lesson.

you hence discover your thoughts have no importance. that your thoughts are less important and less true than the butterfly that has just landed on your knee, than the wind in the leaves, that is getting more intense at dawn. and then nothing can fill in, neither time, nore your stomach. so you stop fighting. and you become wind, the moment. the earth.



here starts your initiation to… humility.
see you tomorrow!

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