It happened again

Inside my Heart

oh what a difficult “come back”! i feel good, really good, but it has been a week since every morning i come back onto that computer to write and… no words would come out… !

so, as usual here, i listen to myself. and wait. and wait. so, is it possible that it is coming back? am i back? but back where exactly?

for me “holidays” may sometimes have this tricky backlash. i feel so fully alive, with full sensations, intense emotions, exaltation. from my body, my spirit… and soul. the idea to “come back” then makes absolutely no sense. let alone i have to live away from my man.

I have just been interviewed by my friend  Géraldine for her magazine L’Express Style regarding my Art du Voyage (Art of Travelling). to me, the idea of travelling has changed so much over the years. it was about visiting a place. every single spot had to be seen. but now, i prefer just to “live” fully. it is more about making my conscious trip! so it is about a specific or renewed connexion with my beloved ones, with a place, with new encounters, with… myself!

so yes, here i’m back to go on living. to go on being alive. and i have so much to share with you : reading, war, empathy, education, food, drugs, truth, happiness, my brother’s new exhibition, my new encounters… you can’t imagine how much i have to share here!!!! actually, no word has yet come out because there are so many!

this year again, Jerry has brought us to Spirit Horse.  I have met there the amazing Erika Indra, who has created the community with Shivam. She shared a poem to me, and here it is for you :

“It happened again
That feeling, that you, Beloved,
Stood by my side all night,
Keeping Watch.
And as soon as I began to stir,
You put your lips to my forehead
And lit a Holy Lamp inside my heart.”


see you very soon

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