a eyeline stroke


thank you so so much for last week! we have exchanged so much since then! i wanted to go on toady because some of you have raised their voices to say “well we also loved when you were makeup yourself with your eye liner!”. well… ME TOO!

i loved this period, and still feel proud of it. and i still share it with some women around me who still asks advice. mostly some very young of you who begin in makeup. because i truly love the idea they can begin to look at themselves and their image in this way : playful and confident. so we have created a category gatehring all my tutorials HERE

also : some of you, mostly the youngest but not only but not only, send me questions about “life change”. notably while and after your studies (i am preparing something for you). i love being able to help and be a stone on the path of your path, but never forget you are the one, who have to do it.

and, if you feel lost, it is normal and healthy, and this idea to stop is normal and healthy. it is called a crisis (an unstable perdiod between 2 stable periods). your confort zone is cracking. and it is fine! Brené Brown said to her students, that it is a good sign when they feel inconfort : it means they are learning. nothing can be learnt in the confort zone.

we can’t wait to “be good” to live or show who we are. life and living is an on-going process. we evolve and sometimes with things we cannot come back to, but it is good to be true to any step. with or without eyeliner. from a place we love ourselves.

in the now.

what do you think?

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