Sophie Fontanel

A bursting beauty

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Such a delight!

So funny, so beautiful, so free, so smart, so pure and this phrasing, and these pout… Sophie is a jewel! And I am really lucky that I was able to meet such a larger than life woman, I fully realize it. I have been following Sophie for a very long time now! Like everyone on her TV show Froufrou, then on Canal plus, and then for years  daily on her blog ( I never missed a post), and then it mutated, there was books, (I am waiting for Vocation which is coming out in January with restlessness), and then now with her instagram feed which touch me and makes me laughs, carries me away or even her inexpressible newsletter Fonelle Time, every Thursday. There was her “twenties” as well…Yep I am a fan I guess!

My guess is that Sophie will never age so much that her appetite for life is insatiable. She won’t cease to create and apparently enjoy herself…” It’s a trip, such a trip” and effectively, there will be some time before she becomes and old lady!

When I contacted her a long time ago, we had a few conversation on the phone and this summer while she initiated this incredible experience of rediscovering herself, and to therefore “understand” and like she says it so well, she confide:” you know, I feel like I am doing a show, to look at myself and to feel emerging, as this white pearly line gush out from inside me” (well, she said it a lot better!). We already talked about the symbol of the“virgin white”, the blank page ready to welcome a tory to be written, a musical tune to be played, and without a doubt, I will need to rethink the white, like this authentic flame and bursting out of beauty in perpetual renewal. But of course, Yes, LET OUR HAIR TURN WHITE!

Thousands kisses and love to you all

And Sophie… for president!

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