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Seeing the World

picture by Fred Birault

15 years ago, I attended my first class of Colors. I remember going out in the street and not seeing the same world. the sky would transform into a palette of blues, a chair would be cleverly organized shades of brown and beige. i did not think the world anymore, i was seeing it. A totally new reality came to my eyes. the very idea of one other possibility made me realize i was in a matrix… You know a bit of what has followed.

the other day i had to explain my work as a color Designer to someone. you have already seen here “la Femme Couleurs“, me “making blue“. I could explain everything, how i came to colors, my conferences, my studies, how they brought me to meditation, to a more complex inner exploration. etc. etc. all was great until he said : great, can you show us now!

i was about to cry because i had nothing to show. this is not the way i process. BUT IT IS SO DUMB NOT TO BE AVLE TO SHOW ANYTHING WHEN YOU WORK ON COLORS. MAXI FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!

i went out in the streets in total despair and then my agent just grabbed me out there : i was about to drown down the bottomless hole of illegitimacy. do you know it?!!she stares at me : “your whole being is Color, you are going to show them and everything is going to be fine.”

almost instantaneously the little girl grew up to a passionate woman. we began to brainstorm and got this idea to work on that footage. reuniting all my images, on a music i love and used already. i spent almost a week on it. feeling thrilled, joyful and proud. and i could play, and i could create. and he understood everything.

gratitude, gratitude! i am so blessed to be so well surrounded. it took me time. this experience also teaches me that sometimes there are several “me”. and it is a mistake to listen to the first and loudest voice. and it takes time to explore ones vulnerability, but this leads to an inner benevolence that makes me alive.

a word also to tell you i have opened a private group through my fanpage facebook et prépare here à Q&A. so do not hésite to explore the group there and ask your questions to me here in the comments.

love to you all!

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2 comment(s)

  • Mai que c’est sublime tout ça! Bravo à toi d’être toi, et de nous faire partager ces moments beaux et intenses… Je ne suis pas très blog, mais le tien me touche profondément, depuis plusieurs années. Vive la vie de toutes les couleurs!

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