Kissing the Madre

mon expérience de l'Ayahuasca

Today i am 41, today i am landing in Kathmandu, today I’d like to talk to you about my experience of ayahuasca there last April. This is something I have not shared publicly, but it seems to me that this is the time and place to do it. right here, right now! Ayahuasca is a potion made from amazonian plants. This Millennium Drink puts the person who drinks it in a state of altered consciousness. for you to understand my background better, I don’t take any drugs, except refined sugar (sometimes), coffee (sometimes), a cigarette (sometimes). I’m allergic to alcohol, so it’s zero, and don’t smoke joint. I ate a space cake once, but never tried coke, or nothing, anyway: drug culture is not my thing at all.

I took aya because unlike everything I’ve just listed, she’s helping us, not to escape, but to confront us. this is not a party drug! Some people say a night of aya equals 10 years with a shrink. I don’t know how to measure this, but I think a shrink can’t take us where aya takes us. Psychological work is useful, fundamental even but it does not always allow to transform certain truths into actions: for example, you can understand why you smoke, you can understand that “smoking kills”, but you don’t get to actually stop. Well, imagine even harder situations! We have a thousand levels of understanding. Aya takes us to the most remote parts of our being. We had to prepare our intentions; and only this preparation has put me in a great vulnerability: what will I ask? What am I gonna confront? What Remedy Do I have to go through? And so on. Each person has a different experience, a different reaction, with psychic or body hallucinations. Or not. It is said that aya is a “feminine” Drug (when iboga or peyote are said to be masculin), some meet a female goddess, whether it is internal projections or not is not really the question. The question is : can I let go? can i let me taken away by a force bigger than me, who has teachings for me? These teachings are sometimes approaching bliss, sometimes hell (it is not only good thing we have in us). We just have to keep in mind: ” you get what you need “. kissing ” La Madre ” requires this learning of letting go. And vulnerability. But it’s the most expectional vulnerability I’ve ever been given to live. It took me almost 10 months to understand everything the plant had to teach, to apply the teachings and see changes in my life, as well as in those of my loved ones. And omg, I’m going back!

So I guess for some of you who have never heard of it, it must look like “phew” (actually, we have toaked about it with the video about Truc-Anh’s exhivition), ask me all your questions, with great pleasure, I’ll answer you when I am back in a dedicated post, but please don’t judge. I’m not writing this to convince anyone, but because I’ve promised to show who I am. thursday for those who are interested i will post a video of jerry talking about it.

Cheerz and love to you all!

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