Falling in Love

Back from Nepal, Act 2

thank you Remi Chapeaublanc for this beautiful pic! ❤️


This second trip to Nepal was unspeakable magic. every pore of my skin, every part of my soul, the smallest bit of me, has danced restlessly during 10 days and 9 nights, up there on the hill.

I had to do my best to forget the past year, to let it die to welcome this new experience, this new family. I was much more prepared, much less “virgin”. the “Vision Quest” was infinitely more difficult (i’ll tell you after). my “monky mind” kept harrassing me. until bim beauty came back to me. “Do not forget the beauty,” I was told in a dream, when I was alone under the sky, the red moon and the trees.

and beauty this year, I felt it in a triple movement, so so close to nature, deep within me, and even deeper in the connection between the 33 people who had the madness and wisdom to come, and who gave birth to this ephemeral and sacred circle. every moment was overwhelming, both in intensity and sweetness. our hearts opened so singularly, in directions and paths so different but at the same time so pure and true. in the moment. in each and every moment.

It is so rare to experience even this once in a lifetime, this vitality, this profusion, in tears, as in laughter, in all, as in nothing. the sacredness of us, where love is a safe place. so safe one can explore anything.

10 days and 9 nights to rejoin our hearts, in our words, in our bodies and beyond. instant after instant after instant. to let our sorrows so deep, our fears so great, our anger out there beyond us, throw them into the fire with humility and joy, celebrate being alive, being together. just being.

this feeling of falling, of letting me fall, into an endless cloud … of love. I had this feeling of literally falling “in” love.

infinite gratitude for Jerry, for this circle, this experience. for all this life!

I will write you other posts about this incredible experience. I still have time to share all this magic.

in the meantime, please do not hesitate to read my posts (below) about last year experience!

love to all!

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