Manal Issa

the Adventurer

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ahlalalalalalalala, Manal! Manal! so free, so beauty-full!

i have learnt so many things while listening to her. She expanded my horizons in a way I did not expect. thank you!

when coming back to the office, my editor could not believe his eyes. He had fell in love with Manal while watching her first movie “Afraid of Nothing” (that i highly recommend you), and kept blessing me for working on the 2 videos he had to edit.

I say 2 videos because this footage was made next to another one made for the brand new hair brand for curly hair, Shaeri, which means “hair” and “poem” in Arabic and Persian, it also sounds like “chérie” which means darling in French. the brand is shipping worldwide but is based in France,  where Mediterranean beauty is not celebrated enough. I have been asked to direct a serie of 7 portraits of 7 women, and their intimate story with their curly and fierce hair! with benevolence and inclusive spirit. the videos are not translated in english (yet) but the products are said to be amazing. silicon free and almost 100% natural. women here love them!

welcome Shaeri and to all kind of beauties in the world.

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