Princess Noor

unreligious sacredness

” Mai, how many are we?
– 33.
– how many participants, how many helpers?
– … well i don’t think we can apply that kind of classification…”

the person smiles at me “i see, i totally get it!”

it was quite something to have Noor with us. she indeed did not take the medecine but her presence was just shining all over the hill. I know she has heard, seen and understood things a young woman like her normally don’t hear, see or understand. she also had the guts to make a 24H Vision Quest which was so brave of her.

But to be franc, we were all so lucky and moved to have her with us (ok Fred was literally overwhelmed). All our individual journeys resonated differently, because or rather “thanks” to her. both as adults, but also for me as a woman, the attention we had for ourselves and for others was deeply touched by her very presence. we have such a responsibility towards the young generations! all this was deeply humbling!

also, i wanted to film Fred and Noor, but i did not think we would hear us all laughing that much… this video was taken at a farmhouse, 2H walk away from the hill, but the ambiance was just the same there : we kept laughing all the time (well except when we were weeping)

i thank Sian, my divine Sian who sings like a whole paradise. You already hear her last year for  the 6th birthday of the blog. discover her project Makia.

may these 3 minutes brings here a bit of the magic we have experienced out there. eternal gratitude for this life of beauty!

to you all!

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