A Graceful Man

wahou… i’ve met Joseph in Népal last spring. I was amazed by his presence, his energy, both delicate and so dedicated, on this complexe path towards growth.

when he told me his story while we were walking on that hill, i said to myself “what a man i have in front of me!”. this is just magic.

it is very rare that i film someone with so much desire. i usually let go, and let things arise on their own. but here i so much wanted to film him. and I thank him from the bottom of my heart because i know it is a big big deal for him. and the gratitude he has for this life he has chosen to live, despite all the tourments, profoundly nourishes me.

what he shares about his work with Jerry, within this men’s group, leaves me dreamy and once again profoundly inspired.

I never ask you that but this time, please share this video. Joseph is a great teacher. but not, as Mem taught us, not by adding any knowledge on me, no… he is stripping the layers to make my heart naked, so that i can access the gems within.

I put you here again what Shivam said to his son on the hill the previous year : “you are  a pure heart. but the world is not so pure. don’t let is swallow you. you must live according to your standards, you need to feed the world, don’t let him catch you … do something … every day during next month, next year, that comes from you, from you only. You pure heart, and then you will learn to live your own life.”

thousands of kisses. viva Joseph!

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