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Pffff YOumna!!!

Like Manal, i have filmed Youmna, during the shooting of the video series “Des Cheveux et des Femmes” (Of hair and of Women) for the brand  Shaeri.

I love this young lady so so much! i love her profound “soft power”, something so deep and true, it can change the world. a kind of perfect balance between the will and the heart.

what she explains about leadership moves me so much. despite all the admiration i have for them, we don’t have to become amazons, warriors or beyoncés, to have great leadership

When Meryem, co-creator of Shaeri, briefed me on her intentions about the video, she told me “i want something very feminine. it was impossible for us to describe what “feminine” meant but we totally understood what it meant for us.

Youmna does not claim to be a woman, nor a feminist nor even feminine, and i hope she will not take offense for what i am about to say. but while watching and filming her, i believe there is a very feminine way to be powerful. my Tantra teacher talks about becoming… incarnation of love and yes! Youmna represents that for me.

Love is the mightiest word!

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2 comment(s)

  • Habibi Mai! Tu es un soleil d’energie. Merci pour tes beaux mots, tes questions qui m’ont aidee a y voir plus clair, et tout ce contenu qui emane de toi qui me revitalise et m’inspire toujours.

    Que de l’amour !!!


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