6 ans

Embracing Life


A year has passed! a 6th year, whithin which i have experienced so many changes, in myself and with you. we have cried, we have laughed, we have reflected, we have re-invented ourselves… what a year!

When we were in Nepal, on the hill, we had a “Nagarkot’s got Talent” night (Nagarkot, is the name of our little hill). then Jerry and Sian have arrived, him with a guitare, Sian with her voice. i have already heard them playing together but this time, tears started falling right from the start. maybe because Simon and Garfunkel is my first musical memory ever, maybe because my man was so beautiful while playing, maybe because Sian’s voice was so pure she sounded unreal. maybe all of this. so, for the birthday, i asked them if they would record it for me. then Nick came to help us, with his recording studio, the groove of his bass ad drums. and here it is :

Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York (Sian O’Gorman Cover, Jerry Hyde & Nick Van Gelder) (to save the song, click ont the link, then right-click, then save as, then save)

I would also like to thnak Julie (yes Tsigo’s mum), who has been working here for the past 3 years, and who has decided to fly towards new horizons : photography (go and see, she is doing great!). She has made this amazing edit and the blog would not have been the same without her. Farewell my beauty! and spread your talent to the world!

i’ll be back her after holidays!

thank you so so much again for everything that happens here. go on sharing your this space, your thoughts, and emotions. take care!

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2 comment(s)

  • J’ai du mal à croire que ça fait déjà 6 ans que je te lis!
    Je ne poste pas souvent mais Merci Mai merci infiniment pour tout ce que tu m’as apporté merci pour les rires les rêves et les larmes! Merci pour tout ce que tu as changé en moi merci de m’avoir fait me sentir belle me sentir libre me sentir bien! Je j’aurais jamais cru qu’un blog puisse avoir un jour un tel impact dans ma vie comme un de ces livres qui une fois fermé me serre le ventre!
    Merci pour la beauté sous toutes ses formes inattendue et out of the box merci pour la lumière!

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