In the next few seconds, you are going to meet Debra, from NYC! New York artist and important contributor to the blog advancedstyle, of which I am a huge fan, right?

Professor of art plastic, organic chef, yo-geek, sophologist, good, you understand, she is someone

“bigger-than-life.” She welcomed me at her place last November, in her apartment flooded with sunlight, with her creations and her homemade organic cookies. Hum… During two good hours we talked about her life, her accomplishments, her reflections. I have to say that this meeting profoundly moved me because Debra is a living delight. A celebration named woman. It’s a spirit of extreme singularity, which incarnated itself freely in this body, those forms and those colors. A person connected to something big. Very big. Yoohoo.

And as she says so well: Have fun!

(et appuyez sur “cc” dans la fenêtre de vidéo si vous voulez activer les sous-titres)

Free Design : Love You

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