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Prince of Empathy

yes yes yes 100 years later: a post about Harry Potter. definitely! until then, it doesn’t seem very interesting to me. my brothers were totally fans, but it didn’t help, my curiosity wasn’t aroused. and then suddenly the other day, I came across a  philo magazine about Harry Potter. not less!

I try several times to read it and finally threw it away because I simply couldn’t understand half of the articles but however 2 ideas acted on me like a double arrow in the heart: empathy, transformation. in which Harry and JK are champion and queen.

a study has been conducted on the first generation of fans of Harry, now grown up. results: these millennials are more politicized, more open to diversity, less authoritarian, more tolerant … wow! the idea that a literary work can positively and deeply transform generations of children and future adults has totally disrupted me. Thinking back to my brother’s sentence « a bad work is a work which has no effect » , well JK, you didn’t come on earth for nothing! this inspires me very much as a blogger and film director. my lover (who is a therapist but also writes books, makes music, etc) and I often discuss together: sometimes it’s difficult to express yourself in an authentic manner, and at the same time to make your ideas more communicable and active for others.

and yes this idea to not simply express myself, but also to communicate or even transform, gives me chills. Last year we spoke about Sasha, and her Tantra workshop, called “seeds of transformation” and I feel perfectly in tune with this. what do we do to transform ourselves? and if this transformation is “real”, can we potentiate it to help other people to transform themselves? who? how? etc.

I lo-ve!

summer was the perfect time for us to try to read this literary work. so Tâm read the 7 books almost in one shot. and Leo and I are still reading them. it’s so powerful! but not only. because there are many things that I find « so powerful » (many series in particular), but finally what’s in it for me? how does it fills me up?  for example I find that breaking bad was very powerful but I felt so badly after that I wasn’t able to make love for 1 week: so niet!

as I often say, our world is full of intelligence and strength; but with so little wisdom. and here, JK, gives us everything, it touches me deeply: it transforms, makes us grow up, it’s moral but in the same time very complex. amazingly!

I also realized that I was unable to talk about war with my children (I’ll speak about it). but in another post…

however the fact that my parents fled the war and my mother discovered snow only when she was 17 years. no doubt that this allegory to Nazism and war, war against “evil”, also our own one sometimes « We’ve all got both light and dark inside us »  said Sirius to his godson Harry, asking him why he’s always angry, the wandering of the refugee, all these themes are very important today and are transcribed here in a very sensible and I would say “efficient » way: once again, this transforms us. there is not only the story, but also a narrative which develops empathy, a fiction which helps us to better understand the real.

so I will soon return to this idea of ​​war and empathy (those who follow my IG may have seen my story in the Somme bay), but first I wanted to talk about all this. because some people asked me “where do we start” our own way and personally, if this path had started here: to explore to know and understand myself on a deeper level – while expressing. this goes on today with: to transform me while communicating.

thousand kisses

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