Tâm, 12 y-o

All I want for my Bday is You

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each year, it is the same feeling, the same emotion. to see my child grow up is a both a soft sorrow, and an immense bliss.

at the beginning of the year, the head of her school told us (us parents) quite clearly : “regarding my positon, I should not tell you that but the year of 5e (for 11-12 yo children in France) is not very important on an academic level. on a psychological aspect though… wahou! many of our children will encounter deep changes, amongst which chose their friends as their new reference group. some diner at home will be tougher! but shall we go on help them into this path, and keep on communicating with them and together, with benevolence.”

so, indeed, the perspective to see my girl go makes me cry in advance, but I must admit, i feel great at the same time to push her for always more autonomy and… crazyness too!

tres fière de ma Tâm qui a choisi Chihiro pour un exposé sur les “héros”. après avoir revu le film ensemble samedi, elle me dit “en fait chihiro m’épate parce qu’elle dépasse ses peurs alors tout fait peur (ses parents en cochons, l’esprit putride, la descente de l’escalier, baba yaga!) et puis elle sait dire non (au sans-visage) mais avec bienveillance. les héros sont toujours des hommes musclés qui remplissent leur devoir en sauvant le monde. la elle n’est pas reine du monde mais reine de “elle-meme”” et d’enchaîner sur cette peinture. euh… je suis fière de mon fils aussi qui s’est bien fait chahuter hier en classe et qui va ouvrir son cœur ce matin en mode “communication non-violente” pour leur dire qui il est, ce qu’il a ressenti et ce dont il a besoin. vulnérable mais debout, allez go go go! love mes enfants, gros gros love

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couple of weeks ago, those who follow on IG know it, Tâm was asked to make a homework about a “hero”. in French, we have a gendered language where masculine is meant to be universal, so hero is masculine. She chose Chihiro, with her thoughts about courage and surrender to your fears, that litteraly amazed me.

And I thought : what a great girl!


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