Léo’s 8th Birthday


Il y a 8 years

(activate English subtitles) "Mummy, why don't you also film my birthday parties?!" (he could have added : what... do they suck? Only Tâm's interest you?!) My son knows the art of asking right questions. (up to me to answer afterwards)(generally it comes like :…

Léo and his Lego spinning tops

Or the art of of getting around boredom

Il y a 8 years

This kid! This kid drives me nutso! The other day, I asked Leo to go be bored a bit in his room.  I have a son who hates the idea of boredom, as he states “Tâm is the one who stresses, at the idea of being hungry, Mom you stress about being tired and me about being…



Il y a 8 years

The blog is 5. et indeed, I cry, and I cry. Like every year. But this, even more. I would like to tell you the world is not awful, dark and violent. A part is, but this has been for ages. it is just that are wakening and have to face it.  things are transforming et questions…


Colors of our Journey

Il y a 8 years

(activate English subtitles) Hahahaha, we are in dire need of positive vibes right now. It’s important. The more I move forward the more I want to set everything in place to enjoy, to strengthen myself and flourish every single day of my life. And about vacations,…

Mai Khanh

La folie des Nems

Il y a 8 years

(activate English subtitles) Crazy, CRAY-ZEE! “Allo Mai? Yeah it’s Mai! So how about that fried spring roll recipe?!”   Mai and I have known each other for about 20 years (aaaaaahhhhhhhh!), we were together at L’ESSEC but became friends later (life is never like we…