Growing with Addiction

according to Jerry Hyde

2 posts featuring Jerry in the same week?!! it was not scheduled this way, but whatever!

As usual, i am totally overwhelmed by Jerry’s vision. and when i say vision, i talk about love and realness, not about dogma.

If you want to go further on this question of addiction, I invite you to watch this vidéo based on a TED speech by Gabor Mate (you will see No-Face play the Hungry Ghost). go and see! it made me understand that the question to ask is not “why is addiction wrong?” but rather : “why is it good? what does it bring to people?” if you don’t ask that question, you break the chain of causalities and can’t go up to the root of the primal disconnection Jerry is talking about. Don’t do that on your own, it is “dangerous” because what is there is rarely nice. to all of you, i send you love <3


this video, is also a message about children’s eduction. in both these 2 situations :

> when you are in charge of an institution

roughly speaking, Bryanston was Jerry’s school. As you can imagine while watching the video, he had his worst and best time there. He was anything but a cool kid or a brilliant student, and I feel profoundly touched by Peter Hardy, who is in charge of these conferences there, to call this “former bad student”, to share his personal experience from heart to heart. his message is nothing but simple, it does not play on the fear of repression (if it worked, we would know it right?!), but his message that can save lives. the main danger of addiction for children is they don’t know they are mortel.

teachers, people working in administrations, the educational system, may you hear this message!


> when we are parents

you know how sensitive I am when it comes to the notion of transmission. there are so few parents who are capable of sharing EVERYTHING they are with their children. I remember someone who did not want to say to his children he had not have his BAC (the French equivalent of JCSCs i guess). it was indeed to protect them (him?) so that they a good image of their referent adult. i so much understand. to love is not always easy. but here, Jerry teaches me you can share the whole of “you”, rather than a “good image or them”. this is such a proof of love, it chokes me! and this teaches how to love, without disconnecting yourself.

You only have one life (i mean, so far…), your life. share it, with the ones you love. love may begin this way.



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