the Mad Sufi

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Oh Mem! Mem! What a marvel! Why wasn’t i told about these things? Why do I discover that only now?

Why is he the one who is “out-of-the-box”?!

Mem is Jerry‘s  neighbour. He is a Sufi, and together, they were having a meeting to talk about a new project. Me and my camera were there too… and i felt so overwhelmed. By everything : his words, his flute, his gestures and colors, his voice than progressively became just a breath. Both intense and serein. So so much beauty.

Back in Paris, I show theses images to my friend Anne. Together, we slowly began to cry… but our faces where totally opened and bright. As our hearts I guess. And I though, i have to share that with you.

Since then, I apply everyday, what I have learnt about myself thanks to Mem : shall we share our personal lists together? yes please, show me all your diamonds and rubis, that actually, already inhabit your resplendant soul?


1/ Let go (the fear), confidence will arouse

So, you know how fearful i can be. And there are still plenty of circumstances where the perceived difficulty makes me fickle. I always ends up facing my fears, but sometimes i just can’t let go, and it is so frightening. So now I think of Mem and, sometimes, I manage to reason myself : what if, all the energy I am investing in my fear, why not put it in imagining everything will be alright? just try, it is pure magic. It has been a long time we have been talking about “letting go” here, but I think, this link between fear and confidence makes it far more powerful. Well, i think.


2/ the idea of freedom is a fuel for your ego

Oh that, that put me on the floor! Free? Free? Free? to which extend? and to do what? there is, there must be a true anthentic freedom, but now, I find it hard to tell what exactely it is. But what talks to me is how i could have consumed it, bought it. how this concept makes it easy to sell you something else. you think you are free, but you are just buying, acquiring, consuming (yourself?) more and more.

and then, what do we excately do with our freedom? do we really defend them? aouch, this is opening a totally new territory of reflexions, i have never thought about.


3/ don’t be intelligent, be wise

There is no chance I am going to change anyone, let alone the world. Let’s change myself. find my way, my path. to know where I am, and where i am goin to (such a good program isn’t it?).

and furthermore, I think our society is fully packed of intelligence… so so much intellignece! But for what? To serve which purpose? how can  a world filled with so much intelligence can possibly leads us to have Trump or LePen as an option to represent us? My guess is that a world with intelligence but no wisdom becomes stupid and violent.

let’s be wise!


4/ one single light in the darkness breaks the whole darkness

ok so when I look at our time, I guess I don’t have to explain this one. But this gives me so so much courage. thank you. THANK YOU


5/ a good teacher will not bring you anything, he will take out of the mine of your soul, all the gems and rubis and sapphire, to show them to you. 

And if from now on, i decide to consider myself as a perfect creature? Perfect and beautiful. With a heart filled with treasures. Since Mem, I’ve never considered anything I am wearing, or carrying or conveying, to replace that inner beauty again. Nothing will never ever bring beauty “to” me anymore.

And the so-called beauty industry, colors, fashion, are only here to celebrate who i am already, from within.

oh my god, that is just enormous…. enormous!

okay, okay I am crying just by writting that.

It is called MEM, the Mad Sufi, because it is his mail address. I guess that he says and believes in, must be considered as madness… for anyone who is afraid to challenge his own values and sociaty. I hope you like this second OUT THE BOX portrait. And that you have learnt plenty of things about yourself. thousands of kisses

and thank you

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