6 ans

Embracing Life

Il y a 7 years

Haaaaaaaaaa! A year has passed! a 6th year, whithin which i have experienced so many changes, in myself and with you. we have cried, we have laughed, we have reflected, we have re-invented ourselves... what a year! When we were in Nepal, on the hill, we had a "Nagarkot's…

Out of the Box

One Year Later

Il y a 7 years

(activate English subtitles) "We don't see you on screen anymore? where have you been?!!" it is so true, and i was missing it! I hope this first year has been good for you too. that it is enables us to go on talking, growing, understanding. I am also mesmerized by the…

Spirit Horse

Colors of my Journey

Il y a 7 years

yesterday one of you wrote "¡Esteroides, esteroides, esteroides!": el invicto Floyd Mayweather afirma que 'Canelo' Álvarez podría "no haber estado limpio en muchos combates" - RT sostenon 250 para que sirve un ciclista da positivo por esteroides... a sus 90 años me : as long as…

Future ex-Perfectionnist


Il y a 7 years

Hello ya all, wanted to talk about this thing that is really important to me.  The desire for perfection.  I mean the one that I have been practicing (because it is actually offered under many different shapes). I just read a book about vulnerability; I will get back to it,…

Grayson Perry

Il y a 7 years

Hell YEAH! So finally here are my reading notes about the beautiful book written by Grayson Perry.  Thank you again for all your comments and shares of his video.  Here is more to nourish your thoughts and conversation about the subject. The Descent Of A Man was written after…



Il y a 7 years

(activate English subtitles) HEY YO ! I am very touched to introduce you to Fatima for this new edition of OUT OF THE BOX.  I met her on a shooting for Kerastase last November, and quite frankly she shattered me emotionally but also intellectually.  I was watching her…

My video tips

Il y a 8 years

Hello darlings   Here you have a post where I am boasting…WHICH NEVER HAPPENS.  It’s because I have received more and more questions regarding my filming skills.  And this thrills me!  Thank you!  So here’s my tips: 1/ Do what pleases you - ACTION About the…


Colors of my journey

Il y a 8 years

After several trials, Thomas, my dearest video editor, proposed me that marvelous work last week. I did not know when I would share it with you, since I was so excited with Sasha and our whole talk about sexuality. But to be honest, the Trump election and everything that is…

Sasha Cobra

the Love Maker

Il y a 8 years

Sasha, Sasha, Sashaaaaa!!!!! We met about 6 months ago already (yes I am on the internet but too much in the moment!)  It was in London during her “Seeds of Transformation” seminar.  I will write a post at the end of the week to tell you about this experience… (i.e. I don’t…

Beauty will not save me

I mean, no this one

Il y a 8 years

Hello you all! Again thank you, THANK YOU, for everything that is happening here.  Your comments are touching me and make me think.  Sometimes I make mistakes, I think again etc. (isn’t it Michelle?Super!)  It’s incredibly rich… Thank you! This is a post that I have been…